Rooftop Installation

Over the past few years Tec Metal has provided the expertise of rooftop fabrication and installation of various rooftops across the CBD area.

The installation ranges from simple mounts to elaborate rooftop penetrations, on site welding to roof flushing.

The expertise and experience of our installation crews enable us to tackle all types of rooftop installation, from one story buildings to malty story buildings such as Eurika, Eye & Ear Hospital, just to mention a few.



Tec Metal and there employee’s pride themselves with quality workmanship that is apparent across all our installations.

Each job has its site specific issues and or problems therefore Tec Metal the opportunity to excel and find a solution; this is where our Project Managing team comes into their own.

Tec Metal crews are able to work as part of a team with other contractors, or run with a complete job on our own. Our Project Managing team and our Site Supervisor have the experience and the skill sets to complete any project large or small.