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Not only are we able to install telecommunication infrastructure, we erect Lattice towers, Guyed Mast and Monopoles.

The unique team and experience at Tec-Metal allows us to accomplish a diverse range of not only fabrication and installations, but in addition install our own prefab structures.

Over the past few years Tec Metal has provided the expertise of rooftop fabrication and installation of various rooftops across the CBD area.

These installations range from simple mounts to elaborate rooftop penetrations, on site welding, roof flushing and stair cases.

The range of experience of our installation crews enable us to tackle all types of rooftop installation, from one story buildings to multi story buildings such as Fitzroy Hospital and the Eye & Ear Hospital, just to mention a few.    

 Our dedicated and experienced staffs are qualified and able to install all type of Comm’s structures, from Monopole, Lattice Towers, Guyed Mast; our staffs are also Optec trained to perform installations on High Voltage towers.

Tec Metal can complete any type of installation whether it be structural or mobiles infrastructure, our team of experienced personnel can install and test Coaxial Cables, fault find, Install and align Microwaves and have worked extensively on Optus, Vodafone and Telstra 3G installations, as well as provide Project Management and Site Supervisors for external sources.


The site builds and installations have been nationwide, we have the capabilities and drive to perform works interstate, local, etc, and whenever required.

Our teams are flexible and accustom to the odd hours curtain project demand

  • Tec Metal and their employee’s pride themselves with quality workmanship that is apparent across all our installations
  • Each job may have on site specific issues and or problems, which enable Tec Metal the opportunity to excel and find a solution, this is where our Project Managing team comes into their own.
  • Tec Metal crews are able to work as part of a team, or run with a complete build. Our Project Management team and our Site Supervisors have the experience and the skill sets to complete any project large or small.

 Our commitment at Tec Metal is the health and safety of employees and of those who visit our work sites abides by industries workplace practices, The Environment and Quality of Work.

Tec Metal endeavours to be a stand above the rest in providing a quality service without compromising our integrity or that of our clients.


Tec Metal is aware and accepts that there are inherent risk in the workplace environment in which we can effectively manage the risks, and adhere to all applicable laws viagra generico, regulations and industry obligations.

By identifying risks we can eliminate or implemente appropriate measures and or actions.

We can minimize the potential of adverse consequences by implemented action by the way we undertake our work.

Tec Metal is committed to undertaking its business in a manner that recognizes the importance of environmental protection and sustainability, we strive to achieve and maintain industry’s best practices.  




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